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Professional Machining Supplier

We believe only by implementing the pragmatic management can our company keep growing and breakthrough the upcoming challenge.
Qualified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949, ICS services every customer with excellent quality.
With complete company construction and innovation investment, the process and production capacity keep growing every year.
Working together with the leading market makes us innovative and professional.
The good cooperation between ICS and our business partners leads us to be the first choice in the market.

ICS was founded as a Molding manufacturer, main in the production of Tennis racket mold and extrusion mold.
Industrial transformation. Based on the machining experience from the mold production and was committed to the metal machining industry.The machining career was started with the motorcycle engine cases and the lawnmower cylinders.
To provide better and more complete service, ICS started our own surface treatment career.
As the demand increased, invested new equipment and the new ERP management system for integration and strengthen inner management.
Complied with the market, the surface treatment career focused on anodizing as the main career.
To improve inspection efficiency and inspection effect, led in Mitutoyo 3D projectors from Japan.
Introduced the CMM from Mitutoyo, significantly increased on the inspection capacity.
ICS was qualified by IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
Rapid business growth. Led in FANUC robotic arm from Japan to build an automated production line to improve production efficiency and meet more customized requirements. Won TTQS Bronze Award.
Won 2020 Taichung City Golden Hand Award. Business management is well-recognized.
To test high-precision products and maintain measurement efficiency, led in ZEISS CMM from Germany.New Changhua forging plant with the key Aluminum Alloy forging technique was built.
Fully led in new ERP and MES system in order to move towards smart manufacturing.The Changhua forging plant has been installed solar panels to assist in power generation which could achieve carbon neutrality in the production process through the renewable energy, move towards net zero carbon emissions.
Lead in Mitutoyo CMM from Japan, service every customer with excellent quality.Carbon Footprint Verification(CFV) and other related activities are in progress to accelerate ESG transformation.
ICS keep progressing, provide the best service and product for customers.
Keep innovation. By importing the robotic arms and the 5-axis CNC machine, extend the production capacity, and expand the service scopes.