How to get a quote?

The best way is to provide relevant information such as 2D or 3D drawing, material, quantity, surface treatment method etc. We will evaluate the quotation based on the relevant information. The more complete information you provide, the faster the evaluation speed will be.

Which type of milling machines in ICS factory?

There are a variety of machines in ICS factory: Machining Center (M/C), M/C-4 axis, Drilling and Tapping Machine (T/P), T/P-4 axis, T/P-4.5 axis etc. Under the flexible application of the rotary table, multi-angle machining can perfectly meet the customer’s diverse machining requirements. Moreover, the machines are equipped computerized numerical controls, which are beneficial to process design and development. At the same time, the machines are connected with the automatic equipment, so as to facilitate the systematic control of the whole factory's production and manufacturing process, promote the optimization of the production line, and achieve stable mass production.

What are the advantages of forging process?

Compared with other general machining of the same parts, forging has a finer grain structure and reduces internal defects such as pores.
For parts with complex shapes, forging is more economical than machining and is suitable for mass production, reducing workpiece costs.

What is the main points when designing parting line?

The parting line should be on the same plane as much as possible, and the upper and lower molds should be symmetrical.
The position of the parting line should be avoided as much as possible in areas with deep cavities, because the deep cavity may cause the forging die to break or defects, making that area difficult to form.
Also, side thrust should also be avoided, because the side thrust will cause mismatch during forging, which will reduce the service life of the forging die and affect the accuracy of the forging part.

How CNC Machine Work?

Machining is basicly the subtraction of material.
By precisely operating the relative motion and rotation of the X, Y, and Z-axis, with the arrangement of the proper cutting tools, we are able to define the product profile and characteristics perfectly according to the design.

Why CNC Machining Benefit?

Controlling by computers, CNC machining can produce massive products with just little deviation.
By arrangement about the cutting tools and workpiece motion, even complicate characteristic can be achieved and reproduced easily.
Provide reliable quality for high requirement customers.

How to get a quote if the part is only needed anodizing surface treatment?

Please contact our anodizing factory: LEON TECH CO., LTD.
Add:No. 249, Renhua Rd., Renhua Vil., Dali Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-24933225
Fax: 886-4-24933253

What materials and dimension of parts can be anodized?

Material: Aluminum alloy 1xxx, 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx series. The max. length of parts can reach 1.5m