CNC Machining Automotive Parts
100% on-time delivery and perfect quality are the most important things in the automotive supply chain.
In ICS, all of the production progress is handled by a specialized team, provide our customer with an absolute delivery.
Certificated by IATF 16949, our quality concept from product development to mass production can be well defined and ensure the process capability, provide the best quality for customers. Sample
CNC Machining Bicycle Parts
Bicycle customers require diverse and fast product development.
ICS development specialist team can support our customers with fast sampling, the complete supply network can support to achieve any kind of requirements. No matter on production or on assembly, ICS can provide the best solution. Sample
CNC Precision Machining Service for OEM Motorcycle Parts
Motorcycle customers are looking for suppliers with high quality, whose product can not only catch the customer requirements but standing firm in the market.
ICS make a great effort on inner transportation and protection, minimize the risk during the production process. With complete employee training, all of the employees in ICS judge the products under the highest level, providing our customers with the best and undefeatable service. Sample
Precision CNC Medical Machining Service
The medical parts from our plant are used in high-end medical types of equipment, just like the Da Vinci Surgical System. Our quality is highly relevant to user safeness.
Under great control by sampling specialists and specialized equipments, we provide the promised quality and safeness to our customers. Sample