Material Ability
Alloys of Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Magnesium, Iron in different kinds of rod, plate, extrusion, forging, casting, stamping are machinable.
Custom CNC Machining Service
Machining Experience
Aluminum: 2014, 6061, 6063, 6066, 6082, 7050, 7075
Other alloy: SCM440, 4130, SKH51
Machinable Part Range
  • Tapping: Workpiece volume under length 700 mm , width 500 mm and height 400mm acceptable.
  • Machinery: Workpiece volume under length 800 mm and width 500 mm acceptable.
  • Lathe: Workpiece volume within 700 mm acceptable.
  • CNC Turning and milling machine:Workpiece volume under 240 mm acceptable.
The machining distance could achieve 0.01 mm (required) or 0.02 mm (generally).

GD&T Capacity
Straightness 0.01mm
Flatness 0.005mm (5μ)
Circularity 0.005mm (5μ)
Cylindricity 0.005mm (5μ)
Perpendicularity 0.01mm
Parallelism 0.01mm
Concentricity 0.01mm
Run-out 0.005mm (5μ)
Roughness RA 0.3