Precision Metal Machining Company - IC Star Group

founded in 1986, experienced in metal machining such as aluminum, irons, and other alloys. We have our own machining plant in Taichung and forging plant in Changhua. There are different types of machine equipment such as CNC 4.5 axis Drilling and Milling machine, Lathe, Turning and Milling center, Press and Forging machine in our factory. Different metal like aluminum, iron, and other alloys are machinable.

Our own anodizing plant—HUNG CHIANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., established in 2000 and specialized in anodizing surface treatment for aluminum alloy in order to provide the customers with more comprehensive services.

ICS not only can integrate various product process vertically, but also can control quality and delivery effectively. Customer's need is what we ask indeed.