Advanced Quality Planning (APQP)Complied with IATF 16949, ICS development team open a project at the beginning of product development. Estimate every risk from the material to surface treatment in detail. By planning advanced, we construct a reliable quality plan for the product and minimize the risk in production.
Process Design and AnalyzingExperienced in manufacture, ICS provide an effective process solution. By the professional development team, we can support precise and fast sampling as customer required.
Tooling DesignDefined by the unique function and requirement for each product, we design and develop the process tools independently. Ensure the production under their best condition. Supported by automated and intellectual equipment, we create value during our process.
Process ControlICS provide complete quality control for customers. We apply automatic and precise measurements and have statistical analysis to ensure process stability and product reliability.
Production and ImprovingA perfect development process leads the product to the new phase of mass production well. During the products shining in the market, ICS also collect feedbacks from the production line and keep improving the performance of production and quality.