Management System

Statistic Process Control SystemMIDFUN SPC 4200

With the ability to output statistic diagrams like Xbar-R, Xbar-S, X-Rm, P/Pn chart, C/U chart, Pareto chart, CPK terms, scatter diagram, and defect transition diagram by the collected database, also the clear record of each defect cause and analyzation, we can understand the product quality comprehensively.

Measurement System Analysis System MSA-6000

Monitor the deviation, repeatability, reproducibility, stability, and linearity of the measurement system.
Evaluate the variation and precision of each inspection tools to prevent human or tool bias, increase inspection reliability.
By recording all of the necessary information of each instrument, including the specification, calibration cycle time, calibration history, and calibration process, the system can ensure all of the inspection instrument is under well controlled.

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