Total Quality Assurance

Perfect quality lies in the daily routine.

The quality policy of ICS not only built on the inspection arrangement but rooted in the concept in every aspect of management, development, and production.
With the complete training, top-down requirement, the perfect quality born from our culture, and become the indestructible support of our customers.

Incoming inspection

The incoming inspection check if the material dimension and surface are qualified. Start the quality control process in the beginning.

First piece inspection

No matter the equipment setting or tool changing, the first piece had to be checked after any condition deviation. Proving the machining perfect and out of risks.

Daily inspection

Each production line has to submit the first piece when starting. Checking the machining stability and prevent the risk of environmental variation.

Self inspection

All of the operators on line are well trained and are able to conduct the inspection on line for critical characteristics. The machining process is reliable even in the most detailed place.

Patrol inspection

Being the precaution of human negligence, the patrol team is founded and takes care of the inspection accuracy and intensity of on-line inspection.

Final inspection

Each part would be checked again before packaging. Make sure the product surface and critical characteristics according to the customer requirements.

Quality Standard

Control according to IATF 16949, specify the standard and fulfill customer requirements. Applying the quality system comprehensively.


Conduct internal and external calibration for instruments on time every year, ensure the measurement result reliable and out of risk.

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