Social Dimension

  • Attend in the "Sponsor a child" program of World Vision, help with the child from Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo, and the Central African Republic for their family and living environment.
  • Cooperate with Taichung Community Cultural Society, help the children from disadvantaged families can get free educated opportunity and companionships.
  • Found the Li-Chang-ji scholarship at National Chiayi University, encourage the students in practice and promote the cooperation between industry and academics.
  • Sponsor the Taiwan representative Water In Need in the 2018 First Championship in Detroit, U.S.A., bring the potential human resource up in the industry.
  • Support the "Teenager Peking Opera learning program" of GuoGuang Opera in the National Center for Traditional Arts, promote the traditional culture in Taiwan.
  • Support Apple Theater with the English opera "The Amazing Journey". Spread English education with children in a fascinating environment.
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