Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

  • Attend in the "Sponsor a child" program of World Vision, help with the child from Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo, and the Central African Republic for their family and living environment.
  • Cooperate with Taichung Community Cultural Society and encourage employees to participate in the donation activities every year in order to help the children from disadvantaged families get free educated opportunities and companionships.
  • Found the Li-Chang-ji scholarship at National Chiayi University, encourage the students in practice and promote the cooperation between industries and academics.
  • Sponsor the Taiwan representative Water In Need in the 2018 First Championship in Detroit, U.S.A., bring the potential human resource up in the industry.
  • Support the "Teenager Peking Opera learning program" of GuoGuang Opera in the National Center for Traditional Arts, promote the traditional culture in Taiwan.
  • Support Apple Theater with the English opera "The Amazing Journey". Spread English education with children in a fascinating environment.
  • Sponsor U-THEATRE, pass on the positive energy of art to the society through corporate support and support the art of truth, kindness and beauty.
  • Sponsor the Contemporary Legend Theatre, support Taiwan and construct the sustainable value through art and culture.
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